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Spring Flowers

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Spring has spung, and so has my buttercream flowers.

I thought I'd spend some time marking spring with some beautiful spring flower cupcakes. Once you get the hang of it they're truly simple to put together.

I had a lot of fun messing around with different piping tips and colour combinations, and I think they turned out super cute!

I used a beautifully simple vanilla buttercream. If you're a beginner I would start with this, but you could also do this with a flavoured buttercream. However, I wouldn't advise chocolate as the colour won't come through.

Adding leaves with a leaf tip is an incredibly easy way to add realism to your flowers.

I started by coating the outer edges of the bag in my main colour, then filling the middle with my second. Below you can see I've done this with blue and pink, and filed the inside with yellow and orange.

The result is beautiful multi-coloured flowers!

Have fun creating some beautiful flowers, and if it goes wrong, simply scrape it off with a sharp knife and start again.

Let's get Caking It.



Yield: 12 cupcake flowers

Assembly: 20 mins


Any sponge cake


150g unsalted butter

350g icing sugar

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 1/2 tsp milk

Gel food colouring


Russian piping tips

Piping bags


Method: Buttercream

Beautifully simple creamy vanilla buttercream.

  1. Cream the butter until pale, and gradually add in the icing sugar until it is all incorporated. You can do this either with a standing mixer, an electric hand whisk, or a fork. At this point the mixture should be a little stiff.

  2. Add the vanilla extract and a splash of milk and mix, and continue adding milk until a glossy, smooth and pipeable buttercream is formed.


  1. Separate your buttercream into the number of colours you require. For the flowers pictured, I used blue, yellow, pink, orange, and green. Ensure you use gel colouring instead of liquid to maintain the right consistency, and gradually add it a few drops at a time.

  2. Fill one piping bag with green and attach a leaf tip.

  3. Fill another with your primary colour (pictured here blue or pink), coating only the sides and leaving a hole in the middle to fill with your secondary colour (pictured here yellow or orange).

  4. Attach the piping tip you desire - I used tulip and floral star shaped Russian piping tips.

  5. Have a go practicing on a piece of baking parchment before heading to your cupcakes. If you mess up, gently remove it with a sharp knife.

  6. Finish adding leaves to add realism.

  7. Enjoy!

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