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Caking It Halloween

Every deliciously spooky sweet treat recipe you'll need this Halloween.

As we near Halloween I've had a few questions about my Halloween-themed recipes. So, I thought I'd round them all up in one super easy place for you.

There's a recipe for every flavour preference, and of course, all of these are gluten free - but don't taste it!


These scrumm cupcakes are a combination of my ultimate chocolate cake recipe, with lots of rich coffee flavour. I combine it with a milk chocolate ganache and a coffee buttercream that is to die for!

The witch hats - asides from being super cute - are also incredibly simple to make. Melt chocolate and spread it thinly on a baking sheet, lightly sprinkle instant coffee granules on top, and let set. Then cut into triangles which become cute witches hats!


How creepy and (surprisingly) realistic do these brain cupcakes look?

Not only did I surprise myself with the decoration (which is fantastically easy) but I surprised myself with the flavours. The combination of the super soft peanut butter sponge, with the peanut butter buttercream, and the jammy centre is even more delicious than I imagined!

The wonderful distinctive peanut butter flavour really sings in these.

They bake fantastically, and you'll be surprised at how easy they are to do. Simply mix it all up and bake!


These pumpkin cupcakes are a fun way to immerse yourself in the Halloween spirit! Plus, they're super simple, so they're perfect to do with little bakers!

I combined my soft spiced pumpkin sponge with a cinnamon spiced buttercream and the result is divine.

I wanted the spice to really pop and compliment the pumpkin, so I used a combination of cinnamon, mixed spice, and ginger. I think it's pretty fab.


My spooky Frankenstein cupcakes are my cupcake version of trick or treat. They have a delicious white chocolate ganache filling which I dye a lime green to mimic Frankenstein slime. You'll thank yourself lucky if you have one of these, because the 'trick' cupcakes are filled with mayonnaise which I dye green, so you really can't tell the difference until you take a bite into one!

Now, you are under no obligation to fill these with mayonnaise, but if you do really want to get into the Halloween spirit then I would strongly recommend you do. Just be careful of the potential reaction you may get!


Happy Halloween - let's get Caking It!

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