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Caking It Christmas

Every deliciously festive sweet treat recipe you'll need this Christmas season.

We're right into the Christmas season and as someone who LOVES Christmas I am a buzzing ball of excitement.

In honour of this wonderful, magical time of year, I've put together all of my deliciously seasonal, scrummy bakes into one place.

There's a recipe for every flavour preference, and of course, all of these are gluten free - but don't taste it!


These scrummy cranberry and white chocolate cupcakes are packed full of white chocolate chips and whole fresh cranberries, filled with cranberry coulis, topped with white chocolate buttercream, and jeweled cranberries.

Believe me when I say they're a true delight. The balance between tart and sweet is just right. They're delightfully, deliciously indulgent!


Coconut is the star of the show with these, and to compliment the flavour, of course they have a beautiful cream cheese frosting, and they're filled with wonderful raspberry jam (totally optional because they also work without the jam!)

I adapted the recipe from my Coconut and Cherry Cupcakes by adding even more coconut into the mix with coconut flour. The increased absorption of moisture means there's slightly more sour cream in these, and the increased crumbliness means there's the addition of bicarbonate of soda.

As well as coconut flour and desiccated coconut in the sponge, I dip them in more desiccated coconut, so you know you're really going to sink your teeth into some delicious coconut flavour.


My gingerbread recipe can easily be made dairy free and vegan by simply swapping the butter for Stork baking spread.

They're soft and full of delicious flavour, whilst still also perfect for bigger cookies like a house. If you are attempting a house with these then I suggest baking the larger slabs for around 10 minutes to give them more structure.

Another easy tip I always use, is to pop the cut-out biscuits in the fridge for 5 minutes before baking as this will really help them keep their shape.

In amongst the Christmas festivities, these gingerbread are a quick bake to do with big payoff that are a lovely addition to any gathering.


Red velvet is one of those completely unique and special flavours that made the cut for these cupcakes. Many people misconstrue red velvet as simply a red chocolate cake, but they have a complex combination of flavours to create a unique taste.

Dark cocoa powder, buttermilk, and white wine vinegar are integral to creating that delicious unique red velvet cupcake. The combination of these flavours creates a completely delicious sponge that will leave you wanting to gobble up the whole batch.


Ground ginger, cinnamon, treacle, maple syrup, and nutmeg all go into making these completely delicious. The sponge is gloriously soft, and the spiced ginger vanilla buttercream compliments them perfectly.


Festive Snowballs (also called Eggnog) are delicious. There really is no debate about this.

They are also the height of decadence and therefore a perfect choice for a new year cupcake.

These cupcakes not only look fantastic but taste incredible too.

Eggnog comprises of eggs, sugar, cream, milk, and brandy or rum. But, in the interest of time and ease, I use a combination of advocaat (I used you-know-who brand), lemonade, lie cordial, and a pinch of nutmeg to recreate the eggnog flavour. You'll thank me for how easy and quickly you can throw these together.


Merry Christmas - let's get Caking It!

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